Homepride Pride

Today I am baking little Bread Fred rolls (Homepride Fred’s) and writing up recipe developments for Homepride Bread Flour website                                          (homeprideflour.co.uk).

I was honoured some time back to be asked to front the new Homepride bread flour launch , the newest addition to their family. It is the first new product from the iconic British baking brand in 53 years. Homepride is one of the UK’s leading home baking brand and one that is synonymous with quality. I have been using this brand for years for my cakes and know it always gets great results.

Homepride Fred was a face that I grew up with, it is familiar and homely and  the pre-sieved flour which is ready to use flour makes life so much easier when you have lots of bread Fred’s  to make. I will be making Homepride Fred bread rolls for the launch and doing my first Facebook Live Event on Monday 8th 7pm, so I hope you join me on www.facebook.com/homeprideflour

This coincides with Real Bread Week 6th -14th May 2017 which encourages everyone from amateur to Professional bakers to share baking tips, showcase recipes, and help people in communities and schools to bake real breads that are additive free. This initiative also encourages the use of local real bakeries which I feel are so important to communities. I was recently asked if I would open a bakery in a village I visited, as they couldn’t find anywhere to buy bread locally.

Well I better get back to baking see you soon. Paul xIMG_0937


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