Since Bake Off

Well the Bake Off has ended on the BBC, and Wednesday Bake Off nights may never be the same again. The success of this beloved show is in its natural, innocent format, the quick wittiness of Mel and Sue and the relationship between Mary and Paul. For me Bake Off has the likeability factor and being part of it was great. I would like to extend my thanks to all that were part of this journey with me.Long may it survive in it’s new home. Please make it a Wednesday night again, as it really breaks up the working week.

This years Bakers have been launched into a very public world, and they look like they already know the Media game, as I can see many are getting agents etc.  Here’s wishing Good Luck to them. I remember having someone say hello to me as the Bake Off had been announced in 2015 and thinking ‘ has he been in jail?'( as I am a Prison Governor) then realising he watched the Bake Off. It really was a positive change in my life, as since Bake Off I have met some really great people from many walks of life, had the opportunity to bake for World at One, a Princess who visited my work and so much more.

A motto of mine is always to give back ,as in the words of Maya Angelou ‘ If you get , GIVE, If you learn, TEACH, and this is why I want this blog to teach and acknowledge where I have learnt from and who from. I will be learning alongside you as writing in this format is new to me. I knew from the beginning when I walked into the white tent that I would enjoy whatever came from the Bake Off, and enjoy it all I have. I received some really sound advice from Peggy Porchen about sticking to what you like, keeping your uniqueness and not leaving my day job too early,as then baking will become the stressful day job instead of the enjoyment I have now. However, one day the balance may change.

I have so many ideas, but that’s me ,always wanting to create something and I will continue to stretch those creative cells. I was given the opportunity by the Cake and Bake Show in London recently to do a Myths and Legends live Bread display. So in one day my wife and I made so much dough that in the words of my mate and fellow GBBO baker Mat Riley there was ‘doughverload’ in my home. I firstly made a John Snow head from ( Game of Thrones) in bread ( but he was a bit too beautiful) and then we worked against the clock ( as live bread must be worked really quick or it will get too large and we had to get everything in its place before starting (Mise en place). I did The Iron Throne off  Game of Thrones in live bread, which sat on top of a huge square loaf with stencils. Then I made Dobby from Harry Potter, one of my family’s favourite characters and it really worked well. A platter of plaited breads really was effective, have a look at my gallery or Instagram. I really love the creative part of baking, and just getting to the interesting part of decoration is what I am always aiming at. I like neat bakes, good presentation, with good quality ingredients and taste. I wouldn’t describe myself and rustic, but artistic as there can be a creative twist put on anything you bake. I am now doing another bread display for the Cake and Bake Manchester, so stay tuned and see what I made.


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